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Frequently Asked Questions

One staff member working on the computer at the front counter. The other staff member is looking over and smiling

We're happy you're here!

So how does this work?

Facility Orientation

  • The front desk staff will give you an orientation of our facility.

  • Additional instructional classes (such as belay classes) may be required depending on your desired activity.

Climbing is an inherently dangerous activity -- all participants 18+ must sign a waiver. All minors must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Sign the waiver

Visit the front desk to purchase your session pass and rental gear if you aren’t bringing your own.

Passes & Rentals

Staf checking guests in at the front counter

First Visit

  • No, there is no age limit. However, we find that people 7 and older tend to have the best experience. 

  • There is a weight limit for Auto Belays, but not for the ropes. The Auto Belays have a minimum of 35 pounds and a max of 300 pounds. 

  • You do not need to make a reservation unless you are coming in with a group larger than 9 people (this includes participants and spectators). If you are thinking about bringing a large group, you can inquire about booking by emailing

  • We do not have hourly rates/passes. We sell day passes, punch cards, and memberships. You can view our pricing here

  • Yes, you can put products on hold for up to one week. 

  • Cost will depend on your age and if you need to rent climbing equipment. View our full list of prices here.


  • Yes! Granite Arch allows dogs as long as you and your dog can follow these rules:

    Your Dog:

    • Must be totally friendly and safe under all circumstances without question

    • Must be leashed and remain on the concrete at all times

    • Must not be tied to the daisy chains in the climbing areas

    • Must not bark. Barking dogs are an unnecessary distraction


    • Clean up after them

    • Remove your dog from the building if requested by GA staff due to any violation of these rules

    Granite Arch reserves the right to ask you not to bring your dog into the building for any reason whatsoever

  • We have one area specifically for kids, Adventure Village, which is more of a playground than a climbing area. As far as the rest of the facility, kids are welcome to climb anywhere as long as they follow our rules and are directly supervised at all times. As a matter of risk management, we will ask kids/families to leave if they can not follow our rules. 

  • You do not need to have your own gear. We rent out harnesses, shoes, chalk bags, and belay devices. You're welcome to wear your own close-toed shoes (converse and vans work best). You must have a harness to climb the taller walls. We do not rent out gear for climbing outside.

  • If you would like to learn how to belay, you can take a class! Learn more here.

  • We do not provide belayers unless you book a group. However, all new participants receive an orientation where you learn how to use the facility, including our Auto Belays. If you would like to learn how to belay and top-rope with a partner, you can take a belay class

  • No. We are an indoor rock climbing center. 

  • It depends on their age and what activity they are doing. Every child 13 and younger requires constant and direct adult supervision. Kids 14 and older may use the Boulder Room and Auto Belays without an adult. Kids 16 or older may top rope and belay without supervision. If they are being rambunctious or not following our rules, they will lose this privilege. 


  • You must be at least 14 to belay in our facility. Until you are 16 you must have direct adult supervision while belaying. 

  • Any group larger than 9 must make a reservation. We also book youth and corporate events, birthday parties, and self-managed groups for those who already have climbing experience. Most events require manager approval prior to being booked. You can find more info here

  • We offer a variety of different classes depending on what you are looking to learn. You can take a class on belaying or lead climbing, get private lessons, attend one of our clinics, and more! Click here to get more detailed info about our classes. 


  • Yes! You can book for weekdays and before we open with management approval. 

  • We do not currently run overnighters. However, we can book "Late-Nighter" groups from 8pm to 12am. You can find more info here

  • GA will start offering private lessons in the near future! If you are interested in getting updates, you can sign up for our mailing list here.

  • We have a variety of kids' programs including Climbing Club, Recreational Team, Competitive Team, Homeschool, and Summer Camp. Get all the details here!

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