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Waiver & Rules

Climbing, Belaying, & Bouldering

  • All belayers must pass a belay check and be certified to belay by Granite Arch staff prior to belaying

  • It is recommended that belayers weighing less than their climber should be anchored to the floor

  • Belay with approved belay devices only. Use of mechanically assisted brake devices must be used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for use

  • Lead climbers and lead belayers must pass a lead climbing test prior to lead climbing or belaying lead climbers

  • Lead climbers are required to provide their own lead rope, it is the lead climber's responsibility to determine the worthiness and suitability or the rope they are climbing on.

  • Granite Arch reserves the right to revoke a climber's belay certification or lead certification, if in GA's sole opinion the climber or belayer is climbing or belaying in a manner that is endangering themselves or others. 

  • All climbers must tie in with a figure 8 knot with a follow through and a backup knot unless an alternative tie-in is approved by Granite Arch management

  • When bouldering, do not climb above or below other climbers or spectators. Spotters are recommended. 

  • No climbing on top of the boulder area walls (also referred to as "topping out")

  • When bouldering or traversing on the top rope walls you must keep your feet below the stenciled "climber" on the walls. If you are unclear on the height restriction or what the stencil mark looks like, please see a staff member. 

Facility Rules

Use of Chalk

  • Please minimize the release of chalk into the air or spilling onto the floor and belay areas

  • We highly recommend the use of a chalk ball or sock kept in a chalk bag. Loose chalk is strongly discouraged

  • Granite Arch does not rent chalk bags to children under 14 years of age

The staff at Granite Arch Climbing Center reserves the right to restrict or deny access to anyone who in the staff's opinion violates any of these rules or climbs in a reckless manner which endangers themselves or others. 

Liability Waiver

Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. Everyone participating in any activity or event at Granite Arch must have a current Waiver on file. 

  • Please note that waivers are required for everyone (including non-climbers) in order to enter the facility. 

The first time you visit Granite Arch, in addition to signing the waiver:

  • Adults are required to bring a government issued photo ID displaying their name, photo and date of birth. 

  • Minors must have their form signed by their parent or court-appointed legal guardian

Legally, we cannot make exceptions, and will not accept waivers signed by grandparents, relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. unless they are the minor’s court appointed legal guardian. If the waiver is signed by a legal guardian, please bring a copy of the legal declaration of guardianship for our staff to confirm.


Before filling out the waiver, please take a moment to review the Granite Arch Gym Rules.

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